Audits with ease

The word ‘audit’ often inspires terror, but for Practical Systems clients it’s just another day in the office. And now you can audit your own data any time you want, avoiding any nasty surprises when the auditor comes to visit.

“The European Union market is growing in popularity but with exportation to Europe comes a lot of expectations,” Practical Systems CEO Mark Morton said.

“You must be able to meet market conditions and be able to provide lifetime traceability, showing where you animal have been and what treatments they have received.

“There are European Union audits taking place already and if you don’t meet requirements they will demand swift action or you will lose you accreditation.

“But with the new NLIS facility in Stockbook you can save yourself the stress of audits.”

Stockbook’s NLIS Audit facility compares the NLIS tag numbers in your database with those registered in the NLIS System.

“Now you can audit your data yourself and fix any problems before it affects your income,” Mark said.

Practical Systems clients Christina Tagg and her husband Ken have been operating a cattle breeding enterprise at Ebor, NSW and have faced two Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) audits with relative ease.

The Taggs keep all the records required for the MLA audits in Stockbook. When their Vendor Declaration books were audited they were asked to show a complete treatment history for a number of cattle that had been sold.

“This information was easy to obtain from our Stockbook records. We could show the dates, the treatments received, the withholding period and the ESI,” Christina said.

“The auditor was so pleased with our records that he provided us with a notation on the audit report, to say that it was a pleasure to complete the audit with us.”

The next MLA audit they had was focussed on the NLIS database. In particular, the auditors checked that that the NLIS tags used and on-hand matched those in the NLIS database.  At the time, Christina had to download the NLIS file and match it to the Stockbook records herself, but with the new NLIS Audit facility the task is now done automatically.

“I was able to fix those records that were incorrect: a recipient of our cattle had not advised the NLIS database of the purchase. So when the auditor came it was pleasing to know that our records were pretty accurate, and we were once again on track with our record keeping,” Christina said.

“We don’t mind having audits, as it is a learning process, and if issues are identified and can be fixed you will not make the same mistakes again. Stockbook easily gives us an accurate recording of the history and lifetime traceability of all of our animals, and can be easily accessed in an interview session.”

For information on how Practical Systems software can make your audits a breeze, visit or call 1800 624 688.

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