Wishes come true at Woodford

Playing a gig at the Woodford Folk Festival is a dream come true for Jess Ribeiro. Jess will be bringing her band The Bone Collectors from across Australia to Woodford, Queensland for the 25th anniversary of the 6-day music, art, theatre, dance and culture festival, starting December 27.

“I’m so excited to go back to Woodford as a performer.  The last time I went to Woodford I decided not to return again until I was performing and now my wish has come true so I am delighted,” she said.


Jess Ribeiro's dream is about to come true.

Jess Ribeiro and the Bone Collectors will be playing five shows on five different stages throughout the festival including featuring in the new art and music extravaganza ‘Trailer Trash’.

Trailer Trash is a brash, ballsy new project showcasing live art alongside awesome music in one of the hottest new precincts in Woodfordia. Young and emerging Australian and International artists will provide the visuals, and the live music is a highlight, with diverse bands bridging the rapidly decreasing divide between music and art.

Programmed artists are complemented by chalkboard sessions with friends of the crew jumping in to create new formations – watch as the musicians go from electric to acoustic, artists unite to form mega-groups, or someone completely new takes to the stage and blows you away amidst the buzz of live art.

“The Trailer Trash project sounds exciting, I have no idea what we will be doing yet and whom we will be doing it with,” Jess said.

“Hopefully there will be lots of colourful folk to play with us like the hairiest man in the world, some dancing girls, maybe the smallest woman in the world  . . . I don’t know what’s going to happen but its going to be a great mash up of music, theatre and art.”

The Woodford Folk Festival runs from Monday, December 27 to Saturday, January 1. Jess Ribero and the Bone Collectors will be playing Monday 8.15pm at the Joyluck Club, Tuesday 7.15pm at the Bazaar, Wednesday 12pm at the Parlour, Friday 4.30pm in the Chai Tent and then from 10am on Saturday at Trailer Trash.

Programmes and tickets are available on the Woodford Folk Festival website http://ift.tt/J132zZ or call the Queensland Folk Federation on 07 5496 1066. Selected newsagents have the programmes, check online for these outlets.

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