Practical Systems

Practical Systems is an agriculture and finance management technology firm based in Armidale, NSW. The audience for their farm software blog is farmers and bookkeepers, along with others working in the agricultural industry.

Trump Media have provided writing, marketing, and design services for this farm software company for over 10 years, writing press releases, client profiles from phone interviews, and email newsletters, along with editing the CEO Report and other business communications.

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Client Profiles

Chantal & Anthony Winter

For almost a decade, Anthony and Chantal Winter have been farm managers at Macquarie Wagyu, a specialist Wagyu breeding, growing, feedlot, and farming business.

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Jamie Sturrock

A clean slate has enabled Austpec Pastoral to get their recording right, from the beginning. Jamie Sturrock has been General Manager of Austpec Pastoral since its launch in 2015. 

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Mark & Janet Barden

Mark and Janet Barden run ‘Glenwarrie’ and ‘Tyrone’ near Edgeroi NSW and are broadacre winter crop specialists, growing faba beans, durum wheat, bread wheat, chickpeas and canola.

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Fraser James

Using a combination of accounting and individual animal software, Fraser James can confidently make the right management decisions for his farming enterprise.

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Scot Wright

Scot Wright knows when he’s on a good thing. The King Island beef producer has been using Practical Systems software to manage his farm since the early ‘90s.

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James Maclean

At Allied Beef, accurate information is crucial for the benchmarking and traceability of their production systems.

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Nathanael McGhee

Nindooinbah’s Nathanael McGhee is a big fan of recording once. Nindooinbah is the home of Australia’s Ultrablack and the next Generation Brangus.

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Richard Daugherty

Before even stepping foot in Australia, Richard Daugherty knew that Practical Systems was right for him.

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CEO Reports

Focus on farming's future

As CEO of Practical Systems, Mark Morton often provides advice to customers. But what lead him to this point and motivates him in his role?

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Five risks you can avoid

You can’t avoid collecting information. The government wants it, the industry wants it, your accountant wants it, your buyers want it.

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A matter of trust

Many of our customers tell a similar story. After meeting myself or another Practical Systems staff member, they take a considerable risk.

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