Communication leads to business success

At Allied Beef, accurate information is crucial for the benchmarking and traceability of their production systems and with data from Practical Systems’ Individual animal management software Stockbook the job is made so much easier.

Improving the company in the future is what information collection is all about for Allied Beef director James Maclean. The supply chain production, management and marketing company gathers data from ‘property partners’, enabling it to develop strong market relationships through effective communication.

“It is crucial we supply our cattle customers with the information generated from Stockbook, to build their knowledge in respect to the cattle’s treatments and production prior to them receiving them,” Mr Maclean said.

“Property partners supply us with animal treatment, weight gain and performance records of the cattle backgrounded on a property.  We also like dispatch data so we can see what cattle have been sent to various markets and their performance history when they are dispatched.”

With the regular recording of data over time, Stockbook produces detailed reports to enable Allied Beef and its stakeholders to know exactly what is going on and make the best business decisions.

“A single set of data by itself is a bit irrelevant. However, when combined with data from a number of other properties or a number of different years within one property, then you get some very meaningful comparisons,” Mr Maclean said.

“You are able to measure the performance of cattle under a given management system or even measure the effect of changes to a management systems.

“ To my mind, Stockbook is the only way that you can make an educated decision in regard to whether strategy A is better than strategy B: through the comparison of data over a period time and benchmarking. “

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